Royal Mail launches online registration for Tmall

By Chris Dawson June 16, 2016 - 12:15 pm

Royal Mail TMallRoyal Mail has launched an automated online-registration tool on its Tmall Global storefront with the aim of helping more British brands sell their products in China.

The online-registration tool brings a low-cost market entry solution within reach of British companies that would previously not have been able to afford to enter the Chinese market. This is part of the Royal Mail’s strategy to pursue faster growing areas of the UK and international markets.

Launched in 2015, Royal Mail’s Tmall Global Storefront makes it easier for British companies of all sizes to reach China’s e-commerce consumers. In the past, British companies have struggled to enter the Chinese market due to the high cost of entry, cultural differences and language barriers.

Royal Mail’s Tmall Global Storefront is hugely popular among China’s fast-growing and increasingly sophisticated consumers with its reputation for quality British products and partnering with Royal Mail provides an easy, low cost entry solution to the huge opportunity that China has to offer.

Online marketplaces are hugely popular in China with 90% of online shoppers electing to use them. Equally, China is now the biggest overseas consumer of British products online, accounting for 25% of overseas online shoppers purchasing goods from the UK, according to Royal Mail research.

Royal Mail’s Tmall offer:

Simple Setup

  • Product selection advice
  • Brand registration on our Tmall storefront
  • Inventory management and SKU integration
  • Established order management processes

Local Knowledge

  • Product and marketing content translation
  • Currency conversion for orders and payments
  • Store and brand awareness activities
  • Full customer support services

Integrated logistics

  • Secure order processing
  • Automatic payments
  • International tracking and delivery
  • Returns and exchanges management
  • dale
    1 year ago

    Maybe add to the Royal Mail Offer

    £1000 to list 5 SKUs

    Plus 35% Commission

  • Lukasz Lapinski
    1 year ago

    and on top of that, they control prices

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