Pay for Amazon Sponsored Products from sales revenue

By Chris Dawson June 13, 2016 - 11:01 am

Amazon Sponsored Products hmAmazon are making it easier than ever to pay for Amazon Sponsored Product ads. In the past you’d have had to add a debit or credit card to pay your Amazon Sponsored Products fees, but now you can choose to simply have them deducted from your Selling on Amazon proceeds.

If you decide to pay for advertising by deducting fees from your seller account, you will no longer need to maintain a separate credit card to pay for your Sponsored Products advertising fees. Amazon will automatically deduct that amount from the proceeds in your seller account.

It also means you won’t have to worry about a bank card expiring (or if it’s stolen and you get a replacement card). It’ll save you ever having to update card numbers and expiry dates with your new card details.

Sellers using Amazon Sponsored Products

If you already use Amazon Sponsored Products you can switch your advertising payment method to “Selling Account Method” which will allow you to pay their advertising charges by having them deducted from Selling on Amazon seller proceeds.

If you’d like to change your Amazon Sponsored Products payment method, go to the Advertising Payment Method in you Amazon account and select the “Seller Account Method”.

New Registrations for Amazon Sponsored Products

Merchants can now register for Sponsored products without having to enter credit card or Bank account information. Advertising charges will be deducted from your Selling on Amazon seller proceeds.

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