Nembol now supports listing on 14 channels in about 90 seconds

By Chris Dawson June 27, 2016 - 7:04 pm

nembol marketplacesLast time we wrote about Nembol they were a start up available on Apple iOS only. Now a year down the line they’re growing fast, have an Android app as an alternative to their Apple offering and a host of new facilities to make listing across multiple marketplaces easier than ever.

Nembol told us “We already have thousands of sellers worldwide using Nembol to publish thousands of listings each month – and they’re growing at an exponential rate! The most used marketplace so far is eBay, and Pinterest wins among social media”. Other channels which Nembol support are Amazon; Etsy; Storenvy; Shopify; Shopify POS; Magento; Facebook; Twitter; Kijiji (Italy only); Tumblr; Vend; and Scloby.

Nembol users are typically small businesses, ranging from independent online sellers to multi-brand retailers with one or more physical stores. Larger online sellers use Nembol’s Pro Seller services to share their existing listings multichannel, and are most likely the perfect target for the desktop version which they’re working on and planning to release in the coming months.

The latest features on Nembol include an even simpler listing: 4 fields (title, description, price and quantity) are all a seller needs no matter which or how many channels they use. Other fields such as size and colour are available and easily accessible through the “need more fields” option. An improved barcode scan feature searches databases and pre-fills product information – Brands can upload their product data in the Nembol cloud and use it to distribute content among their authorized retailers.

There is now an import feature for sellers that want to bring their existing listings into Nembol to share them multichannel. There’s also a white-label feature to give anyone the freedom to remove the Nembol signature from their listings.

Nembol might not be the listing tool of choice for everyone. It’s not going to give you sophisticated design (of dubious value anyway now so many buyers use mobile) or handle your multi-variation listings with ease. What Nembol is ideal for is someone who’s got about 90 seconds to spare between customers to take a quick product shot, fill in a few details to get a new listing live across anything up to 14 channels (with more to come in the near future).

It’s an easy to use and low cost solution – free unless you want to use import/white label type features. If you want fast listing of products on multiple marketplaces and social channels then give Nembol a try.

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