Linnworks to consult users on 24/7 customer support plan

By Dan Wilson June 30, 2016 - 10:09 pm

Multichannel software provider Linnworks is looking at how it provides support to its paying subscribers via live chat, ticket support and phone support. One development they are considering is extending 24/7 support to all subscribers.

Thus far the level of support users receive depends on the package they have paid for but Linnworks is considering a change there. That’s why they’re surveying subscribers. Needless to say such a change would require amending the packages.

As they say: “At Linnworks, it is extremely important that we not only understand the thoughts and opinions of our customers, but are ultimately able to make changes that reflect your needs. For this reason, we would appreciate your thoughts on our proposed changes. We will be sending out a survey tomorrow (Friday 1st July) to all of our current paying customers, and we would strongly ask that you spare a few minutes to complete it.”

You can read the Linnworks blog post here.

  • 1 year ago

    Inddeed, 24/7 customer support plan is critical for customer satisfaction. It may not important when things are going well, but once something is wrong, it is very helpful to chat with supporters right away.

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