Linnworks launches eBay competition analysis & pricing app

By Dan Wilson June 7, 2016 - 12:56 am

Linnworks has launched an app aimed at eBay sellers with the specific purpose of helping you understand what your competition is up to and and how best to take them on.

You can read about the new app on the Linnworks blog here.

Here’s what they say the app can do: “The eBay Price and Competition Analysis application finds competitors for your listings, and lets you quickly compare your prices against your competitors. The app searches for EAN, UPC, eBay Product Catalogue and also by keywords if the product identification is not available. It shows you all competitor listings, your best match rank against similar listings and summary price comparison.”

Here’s an explanatory video:

Information is power and it’s often surprising to learn how few eBay and Amazon sellers are monitoring marketplace trends and their competition. There’s quite a lot of help out there that an amazing number of marketplace sellers we meet aren’t using.

In particular, tools such as this one are vital helpers and provide invaluable insights when you’re sizing up what you are going to sell. Your skill might very well be in finding suppliers selling fantastic stock but understanding the trends on the marketplaces is just as important.

Tamebay strongly suggests you seek out a marketplace research tool from any one of multiple providers. There’s a selection in the Tamebay Guide.

  • elvis
    1 year ago

    Can’t i just find this info by entering the ean upc or product name in to ebay search box?

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