Learn how to set up Magento with £1 Promo from UnderstandingE

By Chris Dawson June 15, 2016 - 10:54 am

With the demise of Rakuten in the UK, plenty of people are once again asking “When will we have an alternative to eBay and Amazon?” It’s a fair question but it looks like there’ll not be a third general marketplace at scale in the UK any time soon.

With that in mind the obvious alternative is to build your own website and Magento is one of the most popular and flexible affordable alternatives out there. It’s essentially free and Magento can also be used to manage your marketplace sales as an added bonus. Free isn’t always free however, and whilst Magento is free you’ll either need to invest in someone to set it up or learn how to do it yourself.

UnderstandingEThe DIY method is something our friends over at UnderstandingE know inside out. To access their knowledge and the hundreds of how to videos you’ll need to pay for an UnderstandingE subscription. Today they have launched a special promotion for M2E Pro users.

UnderstandingE have over 400 video tutorials with the vast majority covering selling on to the online marketplaces eBay and Amazon using the M2E Pro extension.

£1They are running a once-yearly promotion from this Wednesday the 15th June to Friday the 17th June which will grant you access to your first month of UnderstandingE premium membership for just £1.

For more information check out the signup page on their website. If you really want to get to grips with Magento, the UnderstandingE promotion will enable you to binge watch their content and there’s no reason you can’t be well down the road to setting up your own Magento website with marketplace management within the month and the knowledge will only have cost you a quid.

Premium membership from UnderstandingE usually costs £24.99 a month or £18.75 if you pay for an annual subscription, but you can get your first month to try it out for just £1.

UnderstandingE Benefits

    Access to a bustling community forum

  • A free WidgetChimp subscription worth £300 a year
  • Over 400 video tutorials dedicated to running an ecommerce business selling on to the marketplaces
  • Access to the ‘How to design a Magento website on a budget of $99’ course
  • Premium webinars (Including the upcoming Fantastic Five Premium webinar series)
  • And much more

UnderstandingE also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don’t find it valuable or right for your business they will refund you within your first 30 days.

Mind you, if you’re only paying £1 for the first month you really have nothing to lose either way. Sign up today, the promotion only lasts until Friday.

  • Tom
    4 years ago

    Just to say I used this website tutorials to build my own site. Great content if you have the time and willing to learn many new things that will help in your ecommerce business.

    Its not a paid comment, just some good words for a good and helpful site. (yes, even this days, you can get some free, and honest, customer marketing:)

    Good luck!

  • jimbo
    4 years ago

    I also set up a magento/m2e pro following Matt & Dave’s tutorials. They made something that at first looked very daunting quite doable.

    I have been managing eBay/Amazon through magento/m2e pro for over two years now without any major headaches.

    I am very grateful for the work that they have put in.

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M2E Pro

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