iZettle introduces new pricing structure

By Dan Wilson June 8, 2016 - 11:13 pm

Mobile payments provider iZettle is celebrating its fifth birthday by lower most of its fees.

iZettle is now available in 12 countries and in 2016 will handle transaction volumes of €3 billion and claims to have 1000 new businesses joining up to the service every day. They offer a free handset, or a slightly move whizzy one for £59, and don’t charge a monthly fee. The superior handset allows you to accept contactless payments.

The new price structure, that you can find here, means that if you use the handset in volume the fees for usage go down to as little as 1%.

Jacob de Geer, founder and CEO of iZettle says: “We’re obviously thrilled to see that our service helps users grow their businesses every year by more than five times the European average. Whether we’re providing your business with capital, lowering your costs or building smart new tools that help you stay in touch with customers, it all comes down to helping you work less, earn more and live better.”

Getting your hands on one of these handsets is a no-brainer if you’re ever out and about selling stuff at a market or a car boot. So check iZettle out, and the rest of the bunch, to see what they offer.

  • Ian
    1 year ago

    We have been using iZettle for 6 months now and I can wholeheartedly say, they are brilliant.

    We are putting more and more through them and, without fail, they have performed as expected.

    Transfers happen on time and any request for support have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

    What’s more, they appear to be amongst the most competitive.


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