Install Google Analytics on your Shopify and Etsy store

By Dan Wilson June 2, 2016 - 12:09 am

shopifyGoogle Analytics is an amazingly powerful tool that’s free to use and gives you valuable data about how your business and webstore is performing.

Information is power and understanding where your traffic is coming from, what’s converting very well and the search terms buyers use to find you can be hugely insightful. It can help you develop a new sourcing strategy, inform how you craft your listings and also play a significant role in building an SEO strategy.

It can help you answer big questions. Should you be expanding in to another international market? Are your key lines still selling well? What should you be selling next month? Dip in to analytics and you’ll be overwhelmed with ideas.

Building out your own ecommerce store is a good idea and the opportunities are myriad. It could be a cheap 5 quid a month off the peg store or a bespoke option honed to your business. In any case, it’s an idea worth considering if you already sell on a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon.

So if you’ve already had a go at expansion, and have a Shopify or Etsy store, this piece will be illuminating. It explains how you can get Google Analytics installed into your online store. Easy peasy.

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