How to avoid long-term Amazon FBA fees

By Dan Wilson June 21, 2016 - 3:54 am

Feedvisor has made some strategic hires of people with deep knowledge of how Amazon works.

In this case, and this video, you’ll hear from several people who have genuine internal knowledge of the Amazon infrastructure. Why aren’t your items shifting? How do you have more access to the Buy Box? Is the Sponsored Products the way to drive discoverability?

The sources talk about what Amazon wants from FBA sellers and why they don’t succeed. You’ll hear from Peter Kearns, formerly of Strategic Sales FBA, Amazon and now Customer Success Manager at Feedvisor. Also sharing her expertise is Lori Vardi who is Director of Customer Success at Feedvisor.

This video/audio will be useful to anyone using FBA. It’s a deep dive and detailed. Required listening.

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