Going Global with Volo & ICE Webinar 22/6/16

By Chris Dawson June 16, 2016 - 10:09 am

The ‘Going Global with Volo & Intercultural Elements‘ webinar to be held at 4pm on the 22nd of June will look at Language Barriers, Cultural Differences & Customer Service for cross border trade.

Global expansion presents a great opportunity but can seem intimidating and overwhelming with the amount of time and money needed to invest and expand into new markets.

You have a lot to consider, so Volo have put together a series of webinars to help you overcome the challenges you’re likely to face with international expansion.

Volo have also asked their partners with international expertise to offer tips and advice on global success…

For the this webinar they’ll be joined by Scott Galvao from InterCultural Elements who will advise you on ecommerce-targeted translation, foreign language email customer service, returns collection and marketing translations.

This Volo and Intercultural Elements webinar takes place on Wednesday the 22nf of June at 4pm BST. Register now to reserve you spot.

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