Enterprise Nation: Look beyond the EU for exports

By Dan Wilson June 26, 2016 - 11:23 am

On Friday the founder of small business network Enterprise Nation Emma Jones urged British SMEs to embrace the result of the UK Brexit referendum and “keep calm and carry on”. You can read her statement here.

She also suggested that the result was a spur for SMEs to look further afield than the UK and EU for export opportunities: “One of the great benefits of being small is agility. If you need to amend the business plan, get to work. If you feel there’s sales to be made in new and far flung markets, start researching it today.

Whilst adopting a positive mindset and sussing out the opportunities, surround yourself with support. Trade in the EU may about to become a little more complex and navigating it will need advice from experts. Exporting to emerging countries requires understanding of culture, language, local laws and traditions; this can be eased with a guiding hand from those who’ve been there and done it.”

I admire Emma’s enthusiasm but also cannot help thinking that trading further afield than Europe is also a great deal more tricky that just shipping the stuff to everyone in the EU without any concern for customs and duties.

Perhaps one aspect of future trade renegotiations will consider online sellers, iron out some of the wrinkles and grease the wheels for cross-border trade outside of the EU. But we shall see.

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