eBay UK June private seller promo hit by a glitch

By Dan Wilson June 2, 2016 - 10:44 pm

There’s a promo on eBay Uk for private sellers that will be last for the duration of June. You can find out more on this page.

But here’s the gist: “Create your listing(s) in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style or fixed price format and you won’t pay an insertion fee per listing (promotional rate) during the promotion period. The number of listings eligible under this promotion is limited to 100 listings per day or by your seller restrictions, whichever you reach first.”

It’s only a promo for private sellers although the terms are quite generous. However, snafu time, it isn’t working entirely as promised.

There’s been quite a bit of grumbling from sellers on the eBay Forums that the correct credits are not being applied and eBay has acknowledged that with this comment from a pink*: “Unfortunately, we are aware of an issue with this promotion and we’re working to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, listings meeting the T&Cs that have been charged incorrectly will be reimbursed by credits.”

Let us know if you’ve experienced any serious problems.

*Do they even call eBay staff on the chat boards “pinks” anymore? I don’t know.

  • James
    1 year ago

    Tamebay, do eBay pay you to keep things ‘positive’? When will you run a story on the deeply dubious sales patterns seen on eBay? The massive sales drops reported by many sellers, i.e nothing for hours then 5 in a minute or so? Or how about the Forbes survey earlier this year wher 68% of respondents in the uk and Europe stated they had no plans to purchase on eBay in 2016 and most spending would be on Amazon? Why do you ignore these stories? They must back hand you well. But we all know between now and 2020 there will be one hell of a news story regarding the demise of one of the big names in econmerce. It’s a certainty. So, tamebay, how about being brave and opening up a discussion on the mess that’s eBay…. unless perhaps, that would not be good for business…

  • Jason
    1 year ago

    Does anyone use eBay these days? Seems common knowledge they’ve spent the last five years screwing their client base, and quite frankly it became embarrassing to say you sold on eBay. The end is definitely on the horizon, just amazed sellers have allowed them to screw them this long. When the end comes, it’ll come quick.

  • Sam O'levski
    1 year ago

    Today 7th June it’s still showing that the offer ends 31st May ! Doesn’t inspire much confidence in their technical abilities.
    It’s quite an obvious part of their advertising on the main ebay uk page, so what message that will send to prospective users we can only guess.

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