eBay UK comments on Brexit

By Dan Wilson June 28, 2016 - 6:22 am

eBay is a global company. The mothership is in the US but their number 2 and 3 markets are Germany and the UK. At least one of those will be staying in the EU in the years to come.

eBay has made a statement with regards to that which you can find here.

It reads:

“As a global business enabling cross-border trade for SMBs worldwide, eBay has been a consistent supporter of the EU Single Market and the creation of a true EU Digital Single Market.

We believe there are advantages for both sellers and buyers to be part of large open trade blocks. But our business is a global one and our sellers are successful within and outside the European Union. British voters have decided that their interests are best represented outside of the EU and so we will continue to put the best interests of British SMBs and customers at the heart of what we do.

We will continue to work with the UK Government and at a European level to ensure we are close to any discussions/changes resulting from this vote, which may affect our customers.”

  • Ian A
    1 year ago

    ‘We will continue to milk the UK buyers, flooding the UK site with Chinese and U.S. Listings.’

    They’ve never put the interests of British Smbs anywhere near what they do imo.

    • john
      1 year ago

      the flooded with chinese “things”, many fake stuff also: It is a huge company, profit is the only objective.

  • Steve
    1 year ago
    • Richard
      1 year ago

      Not that funny.

      I got banned for mentioning that a Dundee photographic shop (actually Jessops) revitalised its fortunes by moving to a more dynamic development down by the river (went from Wellgate to Overgate).

      They didn’t share my humour in the irony and kicked me off the forums for 30 days for ‘promoting Amazon’.


    • Michael Hasted
      1 year ago

      Just rejoin using a fictitious name. 🙂

    • Richard
      1 year ago

      Wonder if ‘TheAmazonian’ is free? I’ll take a look.

    • Joe
      1 year ago

      Yup I got a ban for saying something like ‘because of the recent eBay outages, I’m going to list more on Amazon’, again for ‘promoting Amazon’. The community manager then went on to share a link about e-commerce that promoted Amazon. I reported his post but amazingly it wasn’t removed.

      The current community manager is 80% of the reason I no longer post on the eBay boards.

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