Currencies Direct now support CDiscount

By Chris Dawson June 13, 2016 - 2:32 pm

Starting life as a discount online retailer, Cdiscount is now the second most visited website in France with over 11 million unique visitors per month.

Cdiscount’s marketplace, C le Marché, was launched in 2011 and grown exponential ever since. Currently, it hosts more than 9,000 sellers and makes up as much as 27.5% of the gross sales volume of

Of course being a French marketplace they trade in that pesky Euro currency and if you’re a UK retailer you’ll probably want to repatriate your proceeds to the UK in Sterling. I’ve just spotted that Currencies Direct now fully support CDiscount and can assist in the same way that they’ve been helping Amazon sellers for years.

Currencies Direct featEuro Collection Accounts supplied by Currencies Direct will now be featured as an approved payment collection method during the seller registration period and existing sellers will benefit from the ability to set-up Collection Accounts directly via the Cdiscount seller’s portal.

Currencies Direct say that their service can save as much as 75% in foreign exchange costs compared to a standard bank transfer. The amount saved may be small on a per-transaction basis, but add it up over the course of a year and it will probably tot up to a tidy sum added to your bottom line.

If you’re selling in Euros and exchanging money back into British Pounds you can find more information on the Currencies Direct website and see how they may save you significant sums of money over the course of a year.

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