Brexit potential outcomes for ecommerce SMEs [infographic]

By Dan Wilson June 14, 2016 - 11:43 am

Smart Currency Business has provided this infographic that looks at different perspectives of what Brexit might look like for online retailers trading overseas. Do you agree?


  • james
    11 months ago


    does anyone feel informed any by this?

    “Sterling could struggle following…. anyting really, anything at all… or it might not.
    it may be better after the referendum, it may be worse.
    all we know is…. nothing, we know nothing, so we produced an infographic to demonstrate we know nothing.”

    “A brexit could lower taxes…. or increase taxes. or taxes could stay the same. again, we know literally nothing. so we put that ignorance in picture form.”

    • JD
      11 months ago

      The world, especially the online world, has people queuing up to say pretty much nothing about everything. There – point made.

    • elvis
      11 months ago

      Sterling “COULD” struggle. A recession COULD happen.

      Why don’t they say. Sterling “COULD” prosper. economy could excel.

      It’s all scaremongering and winds me up lol.

  • Sam
    11 months ago

    Whoever put this together had too much time on their hands. It offers nothing of substance or use to anyone. They could have objectively weighed the pro’s & cons for British business rather than speculative, un-researched scenarios.

  • tinker
    11 months ago

    London or Brussels
    nothing much will change,
    mp,s or mep,s, House of Lords or E U,commissioners
    we will all stump up and put up

  • James
    11 months ago

    What a load of crap this is.