Apple Pay parks tanks on PayPal’s lawn

By Dan Wilson June 15, 2016 - 12:48 am

Apple Pay has taken a big step to take on online payments services such as PayPal by integrating it into the Safari browser. So now,you don’t have to be on your mobile to pay using Apple Pay.

Soon iPhone and Mac users will start seeing the “Pay by Apple” button when browsing the web and will be able to make payments in a similar way to at tills.

This is a big deal because so many people use an Apple product and trust the various biometric features it uses to make safe payments.

Apple Pay has been available in the UK since last year but there’s no real hard numbers to elucidate its take up or payment volumes. The Memo asked in article whether its first year had been a success by looking at London Tube journeys in an article called: Apple Pay one year on: Flop or fabulous? that suggested take up might not have been so glittering.

But taking Apple Pay into browsers seems like the right move and will doubtless drive adoption and it takes it into PayPal’s territory. Although, of course, CEO Devin Wenig has ruled out its adoption by eBay anytime soon, there’s still plenty of opportunity.

Keep ’em peeled. This will be a story to watch. Do you use Apple Pay?

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