Amazon Prime Day 2016 to take place mid-July

By Chris Dawson June 23, 2016 - 8:57 am

Amazon Prime Day is to make a return following the resounding success of the artificial sales promotion last year.

There’s no particular reason for Prime Day, other than to generate sales but it still proved to be a massive hit with consumers and sellers alike. Last year Amazon customers ordered 34.4 million items (398 per second) across Prime-eligible countries on Prime Day beating all previous Black Friday sales records.

This year Prime Day will return in mid-July according to a post on the seller forums. Amazon have written to selected sellers inviting them to propose Prime Day Lightning Deals by the 4th of May 2016. Sellers will be notified by the 18th of May if any of their proposed deals have been accepted for Prime Day.

Last year Prime Day took place on the 15th of July. It would make sense for Amazon to establish the 15th of July as an annual date in the calendar. If it’s not the 15th then second best guess would be the 13th of July as a Wednesday, the same day of the week as last year but we’re betting on the 15th.

There are some criteria to be accepted for Prime Day, we’re guessing that there will be similar requirements for the UK

  • Prime offers only (FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime)
  • Deal prices must offer customers a 20% or greater discount from the average price listed on in the last 90 days
  • Deal prices must also be lower than the lowest price since January 1, 2016
  • 5,000-dollar minimum deal size (number of units multiplied by deal price)
  • Product rating of 3 stars or higher
  • No listing defects on the ASIN detail page
  • Adult products, suggestive images, and products of a controversial nature will not be accepted for Lightning Deals

Amazon also warn that they may dump you at the last minute saying “Even if a deal is selected for the big event, it may be cancelled if we determine that it does not provide customers with the best Prime Day shopping experience“. In other words if the attractiveness of the deal changes (perhaps the general selling price dive bombs before Prime Day) it’s not going to happen. Amazon want superb deals to drive sales for Prime Day.

Will you be submitting deals for Prime Day in the US or the UK if invited? We’d love to get a sneak preview of your deal before the day and if you let us know what you’re going to be selling in confidence, we’ll highlight your deal on Tamebay on Amazon Prime Day.

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