Unboxing is when you win a repeat customer

By Chris Dawson May 2, 2016 - 9:49 pm

Datec PackagingThe moment that your package is delivered is the first real touch point that you have with a customer when selling online. We all stress about listing products accurately, getting products shipped and doing out utmost to ensure that we don’t get hit by a fraudulent transaction and at the same time our reviews an feedbacks stay high, but how much time do we spend thinking about the unwrapping experience?

Google says that 1 in 5 of us have watched an unboxing video and 76% of those views were watched while researching a product. There are over 12 million unboxing videos in search results.

Datec Packaging CartonThere are boxes and then there are boxes and Datec Packaging who exhibited at the eDelivery Expo (EDX) caught my eye as I walked around the stands as they supply packaging that stands out from the crowd.

They supply multi-use and reversible transit gift boxes, book wraps and mailers. This is packaging that makes a statement and will instantly tell customers “I’m worth what you paid” and can also help reduce returns. Personally I love quality packaging and though there’s an expense if the packaging has a WOW factor I instantly like the product more.

Datec Packaging Multi Version PrintingDatec can supply internal printing for incognito packaging if you don’t want the box to shout about the contents, the same designs printed across bags, boxes and envelopes and even multi-version printing for a regular refreshed packaging look. Best of all print runs start from just 100 boxes so you don’t have to be a large retailer to have bespoke packaging.

Of course we know that costs will preclude using bespoke packaging for low cost products but, for those with above average selling prices and higher margins, packaging makes a difference. Recently I bought a jacket from Psyche and they have superb boxes (If you saw me at the expo I was wearing the jacket).

Would I have been as happy with the jacket if it arrived rolled up in a poly shipping sack? Probably not, it was the packaging and the unboxing experience that made the purchase a special occasion. The jacket was a brand you can buy from a multitude of retailers but the packaging makes me want to buy from Psyche again.

What does your packaging say about you, your products and your business?

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