Those eBay Feedback drop downs revisited

By Dan Wilson May 24, 2016 - 5:20 pm

Last week Chris wrote a story of how he’d encountered a a series of drop downs when leaving feedback. You can read the full story here. And here’s a screengrab of the dropdowns.

Leaving Feedback Detailed Seller Ratings Test

Whenever we see anything new on eBay and it’s not universally visible, we usually think that it must be a test of some kind. However, eBay has been in touch to say that this isn’t a test. Rather it seems that (for reasons unknown) Chris was seeing a version of the eBay site dedicated to people with visual impairments.

The dropdown text menus are easier for screen readers to interpret. So, the good news is that the cumbersome functionality wasn’t being tested and isn’t coming our way. As you were.

  • Roger C
    10 months ago

    . . . sounds like eBay reckon Chris should have gone to SpecSavers.

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