There are 212 days until Christmas: are you ready?

By Dan Wilson May 26, 2016 - 6:54 am

Apparently there are only 212 days until Christmas. And whilst it is rather dispiriting to actually know that, when spring has barely sprung, Xmas is also barely weeks away in stark commercial terms.

Looking ahead is one of those vital skills when you sell online and it is sometimes surprising how few businesses focused on the long term. Forward planning can be strategic advantage.

Christmas comes round soon enough and it’s a commercial opportunity. Black Friday is called that for a reason: it’s traditionally when retailers move into profitability for the year. (Obviously it’s a stateside concept because it falls after Thanksgiving.) But it’s a huge marketing idea nowadays in Europe too.

For a great many ecommerce SMEs and retailers, that run up to Christmas is the most lucrative time of the year. Gift buyers are big part of the annual online customer base and Black Friday and Cyber Monday events are only going to be bigger this year. And if you’re going to cash in on Christmas 2016, now is the right time to think about it. What will you be selling?

One online retailer I know well says it’s already too late to be thinking about Christmas 2016. He is part of a retail group that made their decisions and did their buying months ago. And whilst I imagine they think that’s the right approach, I think small vendors, with greater nimbleness and a keen eye on trends, may well have the advantage. There is plenty of time.

So how are you set for Christmas seasonality 2016?

  • Tinker
    10 months ago

    We have a Royal Mail performance holiday dont worry about it attitude

  • Richard
    10 months ago

    Christmas….. BAH Humbug! :-D

  • Andy R
    10 months ago

    That means Royal Mail’s last posting date for Xmas is only a couple of weeks away!

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