Royal Mail add weekend collections & better tracking for international

By Chris Dawson May 10, 2016 - 10:47 pm

Royal Mail PlaneRoyal Mail have announced that they’re adding weekend collections for retailers shipping overseas. They also have extended their International Tracked service to customers sending parcels to Russia, Cyprus and Lebanon

Business customers sending international parcels, can now submit items for delivery up until 19.00 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sunday. Free weekend collection service is available to customers in England and Wales posting a minimum of 50 items.

Royal Mail Enhanced destination country Track and Trace

Royal Mail is also working with international operators to deliver better tracking information to customers. They have enhanced the Track and Trace function at to give customers direct access to tracking information from the destination country.

You will now also be able to see the signature of the recipient for parcels sent via International Tracked or Signed to Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Nick Landon, Managing Director Royal Mail Parcels, said: “Helping UK SMEs to grow their business through exporting to international markets is a big priority for us. Our focus has been on making it easier to ship internationally by continuously improving convenience and the range of services available“.

  • Weer
    1 year ago

    I could post a tracking number here from Royal mail international track and sign with delivery status – “delivered to Austria”

  • Kieran
    1 year ago

    If Royal Mail want to help SMEs grow they need to get more competitive on international tracked pricing.

    Other providers offer shipping to France and Germany for less than half cost of Royal Mail.

    There was a company (that i cannot remember the name of) doing tracked delivery to the USA from about £3.00 per parcel.

    Definately better deals to be had for the same service (tracked delivery via countries local postal service) from other providers e.g. Asendia.

    Royal Mail have a high minimum price of around £7.00 even if you are sending something that weighs 50 grams, they have no cheaper price bracket for really small and light items, not cost effective for low value products.

    No point in them collecting at the weekend because their prices will not win my business in the first place.

    • Lu
      1 year ago

      It’s all thanks to Universal Postal Union. What we pay for international mail is supposed to cover cost of delivering all the incoming mail. And there is a lot of it especially form a certain country in far east.

    • john
      1 year ago

      Would be mighty obliged if you can remember the names of those couriers; especially for the £3 to the USA; I send small parcels weighing less than 400g and Royal Mail are just having a laugh with the prices and would be so pleased to give my money to someone else!

    • Simon E
      1 year ago

      Hey John.
      They charge us £2.99 for our C5 packets under 100 gram to USA and TRACKED !!.
      Quite a bit cheaper than Royal Fail… Whoops Royal Mail. B-)

    • Kyle
      1 year ago

      One problem with using couriers like Asendia is that eBay doesn’t support them. So you have to use the generic shipping services but the estimates eBay displays for them are still based on Royal Mail services so are too fast some countries and too slow for others. For 80% of orders that’s not a problem but there’s still those customers which think “estimates” are guarantees and eBay always sides with them.

    • Simon E
      1 year ago

      We looked at this when we went with etail-USA in December. We changed our listings on ebay to Economy Int’l Postage. It gives a much longer delivery times which suited us better.
      We found that more people have looked at the better delivery cost rather than what we put as longer delivery times. As we all know, the Royal Mail – ebay delivery times are pretty inaccurate.

      On amazon you can pretty much select what delivery time you want with their new shipping settings.

      It’s interesting that you mention tracking though. With all our USA packets, as they are injected (I still think that’s funny) into UPS-innovations and then through to USPS, the tracking numbers are all valid USPS that ALSO work on UPS. So what I do is use UPS as the courier name when I upload the data to file exchange and the tracking number and you get FULL tracking on ebay B-).
      Happy customer, happy me.
      Send their customer service team and email and they will be happy to help.
      I initally thought £2.99….. what’s the catch. Not found one so far B-).

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Kieran & John

      That’s us – Tracked to USA for £2.99 (0-200g). We were mentiond here on Tamebay back in December and I think that is what Kieran remembers.

      All our info is at and hopefully some of the regular Tamebay reader/contributors who use our service will verify the quality of our service based on being a US domestic tracked product via UPS/USPS.


    • Tinker
      1 year ago

      Ultra interested will contact you next week . If there were also some returns option we would promise to stop irritating dan wilson, as a sacrifice to the gods

    • Susan Smith
      1 year ago

      Is there a minimum spend to use this service please

    • Martin
      1 year ago

      Peter… You might want to look at the Google search results for your domain as your site is being flagged as potentially hacked. I did some digging and it seems someone was able to inject a phishing link into your site at some point in the past but may be something else as well…

      Either way, it’s a cause for concern you might want to look into.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for letting me know about that. We will contact Google to get this removed as it is definately a concern as you say.

      We run Norton here for all our web protection and the Norton safe web reporting has our site as 100% safe as we would have expected.

      We can assure everyone that our site is 100% safe.


  • 1 year ago

    Hi Tinker,

    Sorry been away from the office for a few days and only just seen your post. We DO offer a US managed returns facility and would be very happy to offer that to you…


    • TINKER
      1 year ago

      thank you , were trialing you now,
      ts all good so far, though not winding up Dan Wilson is a minus

    • 1 year ago

      I’m sure you’ll find a way. ;o)

  • Martin
    1 year ago

    Not sure why it has taken them so long to come up with true international tracking as there’s long been a service that covers this albeit while dealing with the efforts of track/trace sites to block this sort of service.

    Bear in mind that some packages are handed off to services other than the national post service so it’s not 100%… Does make life a lot easier though…

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