Jordan Sweetnam has left eBay

By Dan Wilson May 2, 2016 - 10:32 pm

eBay’s head of Seller Experience Jordan Sweetnam has left the company. He was an eBay veteran having joined eBay Canada in 2004.

Senior Vice President of eBay North America Hal Lawton says: “Many of you got to know Jordan over the last 18 months as he led the Seller Experience team and work directly with you as we – together – shape a better seller experience for our Community. I know you’ll join me in wishing Jordan well.”

Sweetnam has apparently left to pursue a business opportunity outside of eBay.

I had the opportunity to sit down and converse with Jordan last October and I was impressed by him. So it’s sad to hear that he’s left the building. Obviously, one executive in a big organisation is hardly likely to make much difference but I was hopeful that he was committed to positive change and genuinely knew what sellers experience. I’m a bit sad he’s gone. It could be evidence of eBay’s ongoing existential crisis. Or maybe that big changes are afoot.

Who’s on next?

  • Tinker
    1 year ago

    Just shows how shallow all the guff is . Jumping ship and leaving the crew without life rafts

  • Steve
    1 year ago

    “I was hopeful that he was committed to positive change and genuinely knew what sellers experience. I’m a bit sad he’s gone”

    That maybe why he left he knew what seller experience and was so disgusted in the way eBay treat their customers he jumped ship.

    Carry on regardless eBay as they say one down wont change anything I wish him good luck in the future

  • Ian A
    1 year ago

    Doesn’t inspire confidence.

    I don’t think they can fix the seller experience but I’m not sure they need to.

    Its that competitive online the sad truth is they don’t need to look after sellers as there’s always another seller happy to take the business when one quits. Look at all the hoops sellers jump through just to keep in with ebay.

    • Jim
      1 year ago

      What’s happening is buyers are tempted in to selling a few things then get scammed find there is no support from eBay and then turn their back on eBay as a seller and also a buyer.

      By eBay offering no support to sellers is costing them the treasured buyers eBay try to keep.

      Any venue that has one sided unfair practices will never flourish because one side will always take advantage of the other.

      What’s needed is a fair system where scam buyers and sellers are dealt with quickly before they can do too much damage to others unfortunately eBay think turning a blind eye is the answer but it makes the problem worse.

  • 1 year ago

    He has been poached by Walmart, probably to help them expand their own marketplace

    • Lu
      1 year ago

      So they hired someone who achieved precisely the opposite of what he was supposed to do (unless his job was to make seller experience worse). Big corporations operate in parallel universe that has nothing to do with the “real “reality.

  • Steve P
    1 year ago

    Good Result.

    I struggled for the best part of a day and a half uploading a 1600 batch of listings with turdo this week.

    constant crashes.. waiting an hour and a half for fees to be calculated only to be told I had internal errors that didn’t exist.

    It’s slow it’s cranky, and eBay should be ashamed of it.

    He had years to get this sorted and didn’t.

    Perhaps Walmart are looking to lose market share/whatever as a tax dodge or something.

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