HM Passport Office testing paperless passport renewals

It’s always good to see our government joining the Internet age and put services online. Today it’s the turn of the Her Majesty’s Passport Office.

HM Passport Office are currently running a new passport application service which is in beta. You fill out an online application form, pay and then print a declaration form which you then have to sign and pop in the mail. Everything is online right up until the moment you print a piece of paper and walk to one of Royal Mail’s pillar boxes to drop it in the post. That’s so last century.

Thankfully posting paperwork will soon be a thing of the past, HM Passport Office are developing a new service which allows customers to renew their passport online and upload a digital photo. This means you won’t need to send them paper photographs or an application form.

HM Passport Office are looking for invited volunteers to use the new service and provide feedback on it to help to improve the service before it is rolled out to the general public.

My passport needs renewing as it’s only got three months left on it. Thankfully I’ve managed to snag an invitation and qualify for the new service (I’m a British Citizen, haven’t changed my name or any of my old passport details and my old passport isn’t lost or damaged). If your passport is due for renewal look out for an invitation to skip the paperwork and renew online.

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Online renewal for both Passports & Driving Licences has been around since 2014 when I done both of mine online, must be a long Beta program

Toby • 31st May 2016 •