Etsy Craft Party: 17&19/6/16

By Dan Wilson May 31, 2016 - 1:59 pm

Etsy is the sexy global vintage and craft marketplace where you can buy nice things. And they still have a great sense of community.

And they’re holding their annual international festival they bill as as the Etsy Craft Party. It’s an online and offline event. Hashtag = #etsycraftparty. To find out more visit this page. You may have local events near you.

As they say of the occasion: “Every year, the Etsy community comes together to create and connect. You can join the fun by organising a creative event or starting a project you’ve always dreamed of doing. Really, anything goes! We just ask one thing: Make sure to share it all on social media with #EtsyCraftParty so your fellow Craft Partiers can revel in your creative glory.”

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