eBay’s RESTORATION LIVE at Silverstone Classic 2016

By Chris Dawson May 4, 2016 - 10:15 am

Silverstone ClassicThis year, for the first time eBay are joining the Silverstone Classic event which runs over three days from the 29th to 31st July as the official parts and accessories partner.

Adding a crowd-pleasing component to this summer’s staging of the world’s biggest historic motor racing festival show-goers will be able to follow the live restoration of a 1982 classic Range Rover over the three-day event.

This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that eBay is the premier destination for car parts in front of a crowd who are themselves committed motorheads, many of who will be restoring their own classic cars. Hosted by eBay, RESTORATION LIVE with Fergus Walkinshaw is set to be a hugely popular attraction for the tens of thousands of show-goers, many of whom will be travelling to Silverstone in their own lovingly restored classics.

Walkinshaw and his team will guide the crowd through every step of the project as they renovate the iconic first-generation Range Rover using only items bought from the more than 8 million live listings of car parts and accessories on eBay UK.

Murray Lambell, eBay’s director of retail car parts & accessories, said, “We love Silverstone Classic. It attracts everyone from the highly experienced restorer right through to people who simply love their car – just like eBay does – so it’s a great event for us to be part of“.

RESTORATION LIVE, hosted by eBay at Silverstone Classic 29-31 …

Watch a 1982 Range Rover being restored live at Silverstone Classic 2016 – RESTORATION LIVE with Fergus Walkinshaw, hosted by eBay.

Posted by Silverstone Classic on Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Once the Range Rover is restored to its former glory, it will appear on stage during the Mike Brewer Car Clinic on Sunday at the Classic, with Mike and Fergus answering questions and sharing their experience of the complex project.

    11 months ago

    we wonder if they could buy the bits on ebay to restore their clapped out rusty web site that the wheels are falling off

    • JC
      11 months ago

      Genuine nice post about an event, complains about eBay. Lol

    • TINKER
      11 months ago

      its not a complaint its comparing ebay & ebays web site to a rusty old heap of junk

    • Steve
      11 months ago

      Looks to me like the car in the picture will work more reliably than the website it looks far better maintained and not just bodged up

  • steve
    11 months ago

    I love this stuff; and it sort of fits with ebay to remind people that ebay stuff isnt all t shirts and led lights – ebay still has something unique to offer (if only we could get eaby to realise it ..)

  • 11 months ago

    I’m a big Range Rover fan and used to own a 1976 classic 2 door (amongst others). Wouldn’t it be nice for eBay to donate the restored vehicle to me, one of their cherished sellers, at the next Seller Council meeting?
    Yep. I thought you’d agree….
    Can someone put in a word??

  • Rachael
    11 months ago

    Wouldn’t really class a 1982 Range Rover as a “Classic”

    • JC
      11 months ago

      A car needs to be 25 years or more to be considered “Classic” but ill agree that a range rover wouldn’t really be put beside other reputable “Classic Cars” :L

    • dan
      11 months ago

      for insurance, they usually say 15 years.

      we have a ford sierra RS Cosworth – 1987 whaletail and a VW golf GTI mk3 1996 (daily driver).

      both classic as insurance see them, and is generally the same for most definitions of “classic” in the car world, 15 years not 25.

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