eBay US Educational Specialist Program to close

By Chris Dawson May 17, 2016 - 8:45 pm

eBay Educational SpecialisteBay are closing down their Educational Specialist program in the US as of the 30th of June this year.

eBay shuttered the UK Educational Specialist program way back in 2010 due to low take up. Now with the closure of the US program eBay are removing the last (currently available) approved training materials and eBay specialist trainers will no longer be certified as eBay Educational Specialists.

PowerU who have trained the trainers via online courses say “It is with deep regret that we announce the termination of the eBay Education Specialist Program”. They will be closing the site at eBay Educational Specialist site as of the 1st of July 2016.

If you are an eBay Educational Specialist and are already part way teaching a course you may continue to use the PowerU materials to complete the course up until the end of 2016.

eBay have been piloting a free eBay Mentorship Program in the States. The program matches new sellers to more experienced sellers who act as mentors help them through the selling process. We’ve not heard if this will launch soon, but it could be the reason why the eBay Educational Specialist Program is closing.

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