eBay soft launch Sexual Wellness categories

By Chris Dawson May 17, 2016 - 11:08 am

Sexual WellnesseBay have launched the Sexual Wellness categories, or at least some of them. Adult erotic clothing is now live on the site, as are contraceptives, remedies and supplements, body enhancing devices, lubricants and a few other categories.

However, missing are the sex toys, Bondage Clothing and Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories that were announced in the last seller release. On the Sexual Wellness page there is a “hero graphic for Sex Toys Shop it all”, but it currently links to the eBay UK home page.

We understand that all categories were due to launch today, but that with the exception of erotic clothing and existing categories that are already live, white listed sellers have been informed that the launch has been delayed until next month.

eBay have been both prudish and lax in the past when it comes to adult products on their UK site. Whilst they’ve prohibited the sale of many products they’ve not policed the categories particularly well. The blurb on their Sexual Wellness page says “Sexual health is an integral part of overall wellbeing but it can be a sensitive subject” adding “The world is full of different types of people – that’s why life is so interesting. When it comes to sexual satisfaction, all different tastes are catered for“.

With regard to whitelisting sellers and policing the site eBay previously told us “The UK Sexual Wellness category will only whitelist for certain categories – mostly sex toys. This is more about cleaning up the items that shouldn’t be there, and providing whitelist capability to meet demand for these products from trusted sellers on the list“. We’re guessing that they’re still working on this, hence the delay in launching all of the new Sexual Wellness categories.

  • mrmoo
    1 year ago

    They better have a solid returns policy for this.

    • james
      1 year ago

      ebay have a solid return policy in every category;
      whatever it is, it’s the sellers fault, and they’ll pay for it.

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