DPD and Interlink franchise vs inhouse depot reviews

By Chris Dawson May 18, 2016 - 1:27 pm

Interlink ExpressWe received an email from a Tamebay reader who’s local Interlink Express depot is being taken back inhouse as a DPD depot. DPD of course own Interlink Express.

Here at Tamebay we love DPD and their fantastic tracking. Recently DPD launched an app which even enables drivers to redeliver to you when the see that you’re back home if you missed a delivery earlier in the day. Anything that DPD are doing is worth taking a look at.

2015 DPD_logo featWe asked DPD if closing franchise depots is nationwide and if this was a move away from the franchise model.

A DPD spokesperson told us: “We review all DPD and Interlink locations on an ongoing basis, dependent on the local market conditions and viability. There are occasions when we have moved from separate franchise depots into bigger dual branded company owned DPD/Interlink sites, for example in Edinburgh recently, so it is a fluid situation. Obviously, we can’t comment on the detail of that ongoing review process“.

  • John
    1 year ago

    I’ve used Interlink in Swindon for 5 yrs and they are superb, ultra flexible (allowing me to literally drop parcel into their 40 ton truck just as it leaving).

    DPD although an excellent company is less flexible as its a more substantial operation. I’ve moved 2 suppliers to DPD… I love how I can have an extra hour in bed because DPD tracking shows 1 hr time slots!!

    Both companies use their fantastic tracking systems.

    BYFAR the best parcel delivery company

  • 1 year ago

    DPD lead the way in technology within the courier market. What they do now, other carriers will implement in 6-18 months time.

    Their one hour delivery slot was revolutionary at the time, but is now standard practice with the better carriers.

    We use DPD for our 24 hour delivery options and the added services DPD provide at no additional cost means less support burden for us, which is great.

    Regular customers will love the new app as well!

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