Doddle update and £1 next day parcel delivery from London

By Chris Dawson May 8, 2016 - 9:40 pm

Doddle BrixtonDoddle have launched a ton of updates to their website and rolled out services across wider areas as the continue their move away from the original premise of Doddle shops at train stations and expand out into local communities.

Doddle have made it easier than ever to book deliveries, have a £1 next day delivery collection offer with Doddle Runner in the City of London, and are rolling out an ever more local service with Doddle Neighbour.

Doddle website upgrades

The first and most significant upgrade is the simply ability to get a quote on the Doddle website. Doddle have created an easy online parcel booking, which includes a pricing calculator and the ability to book multiple parcels at a time online.

Handily for those without a printer, you don’t need to produce labels. Once you’ve booked your parcel, Doddle will send you an email confirmation and the information will be sent to the store you have chosen to send your parcel from, so you don’t have to take anything other than the parcel with you.

£1 next day delivery with Doddle Runner

£1 Doddle Runner Next Day Delivery ServiceYou can now book a Doddle Runner online, as well as via the Runner app for iOS. Doddle Runner is currently available for the bargain price of £1 – which includes sending your parcel on a next day delivery service within the UK.

Yes it really is just £1 to have someone pick your parcel up from home or work (so long as you’re in a serviced post code. This means you can send up to five parcels for £1 on a next day delivery service with Doddle Runner.

Doddle Runner has to be the cheapest next day delivery service in the country, you don’t even have to pack the item as they’ll bring suitable packaging based on a photo you take of the item you’re sending.

Doddle Runner is now servicing central London WC1, WC2, W1, W2, SW1, SE1 and E14 in addition to the original EC1-4 postcodes.

Doddle Neighbour

doddle neighbours (14 of 47) (2)The online booking system will also give you the option to send your parcel closer to home with a Doddle Neighbour.

Doddle Neighbour is a network of local people willing to take in parcels for neighbours to send or collect. Don’t worry, if you don’t like your neighbours you can always choose someone further away or of course a Doddle Shop instead.

What’s interesting here is that it’s not just “neighbours” who are signing up, some businesses are also joining Doddle Neighbour as a way to get more traffic through their doors. It’s not just local shops either – churches, nurseries, coffee shops and all manner of organisations have expressed interest in becoming Doddle Neighbours.

The service is live in Bromley, Wimbledon, Kingston and Haywards Heath, with new Neighbours joining from Surbiton, Epsom and Richmond over the coming weeks.

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