Chloë Thomas’ new Customer Manipulation book (Download free for two days only)

By Chris Dawson May 17, 2016 - 4:28 pm

customer manipulationChloë Thomas is a bit of a genius at distilling the knowledge of professionals into a MasterPlan guide that a small business owner can not only understand but can implement to grow their business. She’s done it again in her new book “Customer Manipulation: How to Influence your Customers to Buy More and why an Ethical Approach will Always Win“, part of her Ecommerce Masterplan series.

From generating traffic to getting the customers’ first purchase and then turning them into advocates, Customer Manipulation is the bible for putting the customer at the heart of your business. Chloë introduces two critical concepts for online retail success in the twenty first century.

The Customer MasterPlan explains how to maximise the growth of your business by understanding where you need to focus your effort and resources, and what to do to. The end goal being a tribe of regular customers you can rely on to order again and again and again – as well as encourage others to start buying from you.

The Conversation is the ongoing timeless dialogue your business has with each of its customers, the thread that holds the relationships together. Done well The Conversation can make your marketing much easier, increase conversion rates, and speed up the frequency of purchase.

These two concepts together create a straightforward way to put the customer at the heart of your business.

For today and tomorrow only you can get a free copy of Customer Manipulation from Amazon for the Kindle. Download your copy today, although having read the book if you miss out it’s definitely worth shelling out and paying for.

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