Charities must Re-Register by 1st June to sell with eBay for Charity

By Chris Dawson May 12, 2016 - 2:48 pm

PayPal Giving FundIf you’re a charity registered to sell with eBay For Charity, then you need to re-register for the new PayPal Giving Fund by the 1st of June in order to continue receiving payments.

£37 is raised every minute on eBay for UK charities. That’s some £19 million each year for worthy causes with over £100 million raised over the years.

PayPal say that they have relaunched on a more powerful, PayPal-based platform which will enable them to develop more partnerships, more programmes, and a more versatile set of account features. They are currently in the process of retiring the old PayPal Giving Fund site and payments platform, so if a charity wishes to continue to participate in PayPal Giving Fund’s programmes and to receive funds then they will need to re-enrol.

One change is that funds will no longer be paid directly into a charity’s bank account. In the future charities will either have to manually withdraw funds or to set up their PayPal account to withdraw funds automatically.

The good news is that charities will continue to receive 100% of all donations, PayPal will continue to cover all operating expenses for PayPal Giving Fund.

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