Build social campaigns with SAP Anywhere and Brand Networks

By Chris Dawson May 2, 2016 - 10:49 pm

SAP AnywhereI sat down with SAP and Brand Networks the latest partner for SAP Anywhere at Internet Retailing and they have a very interesting solution for small retailers.

Through SAP’s new SME platform, small and midsize enterprises can now have integrated access to Brand Networks’ social marketing capabilities alongside other tools including Google’s productivity and collaboration capabilities, PayPal’s payment system and UPS’ shipping and logistics solutions.

Brand NetworksBrand Networks helps place the power of social media in the hands of SMEs, and can enable them to effectively compete with the social media presence of larger companies. SAP Anywhere users are now able to choose images and develop social media adverts through the portal and then place adverts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram with a click of a button, eliminating the need to develop new adverts for each site since the tool automatically reformats adverts for different platforms.

We all know that small businesses are short on time, and that’s why SAP, traditionally an enterprise platform at a price point SMEs can’t afford, have created SAP Anywhere. It’s a cloud based solution so SMEs don’t have to worry about expensive server hardware and of course that makes it accessible from anywhere, whether you’re in the office at home or in the warehouse.

SAP Anywhere helps SMEs capitalise on retail store sales, build an entire website or online store, sell the product, manage the inventory and analyse whether the business is performing successfully. They can do all of this from a mobile phone or tablet with business analytics at their fingertips. Now with Brand Networks you can also create marketing campaigns across multiple social media channels at the click of a button.

Reaching your audience with the right message at the right time and on the right platform is vital for any business but in today’s highly complex social media landscape it’s especially difficult. Businesses using SAP Anywhere can now automate and optimize their paid and owned content across leading social platforms,” said Jamie Tedford, CEO, Brand Networks. “Together with SAP Anywhere we enable small businesses to reach their customers by making their social marketing efforts simple to implement and precisely targeted.”

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