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By Chris Dawson May 31, 2016 - 9:10 am

Amazon Picture SearchThis Bank Holiday weekend a ‘Summer Toys & Games’ colour brochure from Amazon dropped through my door. Not very exciting you might think, but what’s fantastic about the catalogue is that it is fully supported by the Amazon app photo search feature.

You may not have noticed the search options in the Amazon app, as well as text search there’s also voice search and picture search.

With the brochure I received, you simply open the Amazon app, click the photo logo and then centre any product image and the Amazon app will find it for you. It’s pretty cute and seems to work perfectly.

What was also nice to see is not all the products in the brochure are sold by Amazon, they’re not even all in Fulfilment by Amazon and it’s good to see them supporting independent sellers. Mind you it was a surprise to find one product in the brochure which ships from a USA based seller.

Of course Amazon haven’t created photo search just to send me a brochure! Photo search in the Amazon app works with pretty much any product you care to pick. It’s not infallible, it seems to work much better on products with a brand, it certainly didn’t work for generic products such as a pair of shoes.

What photo search will be great for however is shopping on Amazon Pantry. Amazon app’s photo search works brilliantly on household objects and if you’re about to throw a bottle, can or box in the recycling because it’s used you can simply scan it and add it to your Amazon shopping basket ready for later purchase.

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