Amazon expands free food delivery to Manhattan and Dallas

By Dan Wilson May 22, 2016 - 8:53 pm

Just weeks after launching in San Francisco, Amazon continues to expand its Prime service in the US by adding free food delivery from restaurants in Manhattan, and soon Dallas, as part of the Prime Now service.

In Manhatten, 350 restaurants will be plugged into the service that promises delivery within the hour. There’s no charge for delivery aside from the food costs and the annual $99 subscription fee to Prime. All you need is the Amazon Prime App. The service is already operational in San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Austin, and Portland, Oregon.

There are numerous start-ups in this space already, certainly in Brighton and Hove Deliveroo has become ubiquitous in a very short space of time. And it’s easy to see how Amazon muscling in, especially with free delivery, is going to look very attractive to hungry customers and could easily stifle the competition. Deliver and others charge an additional fee to drop your grub by.

And it further underlines the extent to which Amazon sees Prime perks as vital to ensuring long term loyalty from buyers. It will be interesting to see if this aspect of Prime Now comes to the UK anytime

This video explains the service:

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