EMAIL add web booking to Prime Now

By Chris Dawson May 3, 2016 - 2:08 pm

amazon prime nowAmazon have added browser booking to their Prime Now two hour delivery service in the US. Up until now the service was only available through the mobile app.

It always struck me as slightly bizarre that you could only order from Prime Now on a mobile. Yes it’s when you’re out and about you’re potentially likely to want a delivery in an emergency, but the reality is you’re much more likely to want a delivery to home or the office – somewhere static where you will be staying for at least a couple of hours to receive your delivery.

Adding Prime Now to the web enables much easier browsing on a larger screen so it will be interesting to see if this increases basket size and order frequency for Amazon.

Sadly if you’re in the UK you’ll have to carry on using your mobile for a little longer. I checked and Amazon Prime Now in the UK is still a mobile app only experience.

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