Walmart and ChannelAdvisor team up in the US

By Dan Wilson April 13, 2016 - 1:53 am

ChannelAdvisor is expanding its offering to merchants with a new partnership with retail giant Walmart. Quite a coup.

Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and they screen and select merchants and the goods they sell. Walmart then displays 3P inventory alongside Walmart products but with a marker that shows they are marketplace sellers.

For Walmart the idea is clear. They want more inventory. Seth Beal who heads up online marketplaces at Walmart says: “Our partnership with marketplace retailers allows us to provide our customers with more brands and products on Through integration with ChannelAdvisor, we can quickly team up with ChannelAdvisor’s expansive network of sellers and brands to help our customers find what they want.”

ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz says: “Our integration with Walmart’s global marketplace provides retailers and brands with a great opportunity to get in front of Walmart’s massive audience. We’re excited to help Walmart increase its product selection by onboarding more third-party sellers, and to help our customers build their brand recognition on the website of the top retailer in the U.S.”

This looks like a win/win for ChannelAdvisor vendors in the US and we’d be fascinated to hear how it works out.

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