Veoo launches SME ready Mobile Coupon solution

By Chris Dawson April 29, 2016 - 9:17 am

veooVeoo have launched a new Mobile Wallet solution, harnessing Apple Wallet and Android Pay app functionality that is already available, to revolutionise the way brands and retailers engage with their mobile customers. It enables you to send coupons and offers to consumers without them having to download or install an app.

This isn’t like most wallets, it uses the basic functionality already on the consumer’s mobile. Often there’s a reluctance for a consumer to download and install an app for a specific retailers. Veoo side steps this reluctance by saving the offer in Apple Wallet or Android Pay (when launched) making the solution ideal for smaller businesses who may not have the pulling power of a company such as say Costa Coffee with their own app (not that the solution isn’t also perfect for bigger businesses like Costa!)

Veoo CouponOffers, coupons and loyalty cards can be sent to customers and using Apple Wallet and Android Pay functionality you can also deliver time or location sensitive prompts directly to customers’ mobile devices, similar to push notifications but without the need for consumers to download an app.

Content can be distributed via SMS, web, mobile ads. When the user taps on the ad it auto previews and allows them to instantly save the corresponding offer to their mobile wallet. Once saved by consumers, this branded offer becomes a dynamic and persistent presence in the mobile wallet and is infinitely updateable.

So for instance if you were to send an offer to a consumer by text message and they saved it on their iPhone in their Apple Wallet, next month you could update the offer to a new promotion. You can also then prompt the consumer based on their location and all without the need for the consumer to install an app.

I don’t carry loyalty cards and I don’t download retailer’s apps. However if you captured my contact details and send me a discount voucher I’d probably press the “save” button and then it’s in my mobile. From then on you can keep the offer updated and ping me when I’m in spitting distance of your business to tempt me back to shop with you again. I’m probably a typical consumer that you could target with Veeo.

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