PayPal launches Return Refund scheme

By Dan Wilson April 6, 2016 - 11:39 pm

PayPal is offering to cover four of your returns expenses over the next few months. They’ll cough up for up to £60 of fees if you pay using Paypal.

But you’ll need to register. To sign up, visit this page.

The offer is good for purchases made from sellers around the world. You just need to keep proof of the return and, if PayPal approves, you’ll get the cash back within ten days of a successful claim.

As they say: “Return Shipping on Us. Activate this service for free and we’ll cover up to £15 of return shipping costs for up to 4 eligible PayPal purchases worldwide until 31 August 2016.”

  • Ninja
    12 months ago

    I understand it … but I don’t get it. Am I missing something obvious?


    • 12 months ago

      If you’re buying from a retailer’s website that has multiple payment options, PayPal want to encourage you to pay with PayPal rather than your debit card or Amazon Payments.

      To encourage you to choose PayPal they’re offering to refund your postage cost for any returns.

      It’s a marketing thing!

    • Gary
      12 months ago

      They will cover the return cost for buyers but not sellers? So its a zero cost marketing ploy for Paypal then.

  • Simon E
    12 months ago

    Just reading the terms:-

    If you send an package back NOT tracked, don’t forget to take a photo of the package with the postage label (addressee), first!

    What information do I have to provide with my Refund request?

    The duly completed Refund Request form.The confirmation e-mail for your PayPal transaction or a screenshot of your PayPal account showing that the entire price was paid using your PayPal account and displaying the PayPal transaction ID.

    You must make returns through Royal Mail, courier or any other regular shipping options or services. According to how You paid the cost of the return,

    You must send:

    If you used regular post to return your item (with no shipment tracking), please attach a copy/photo of the shipping cost receipt as well as photo of the package showing the merchant/seller address.

    • Stephen
      12 months ago

      Yet if we (as a seller) sent an image of the package prior to dispatch and OBA invoice to dispute a INR claim we would get ignored and told to upload tracking… One rule for them and all that…

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