New XSellco Linnworks integration

By Chris Dawson April 14, 2016 - 10:14 pm

XSellco featXSellco have launched a new integration with Linnworks. Customers of XSellco’s helpdesk, repricing and feedback solutions can now get access to their data from Linnworks’ order management and stock control solutions.

With this integration, XSellco customers can now access order details in XSellco that are also hosted on their Linnworks account. The integration between Linnworks and XSellco allows users to quickly access Linnworks order IDs, invoices, product notes, product images, as well as view and track shipments from directly within the XSellco dashboard.

Linnworks featLinnworks integration has been a much-requested feature from many of our customers,” said Victor Corcoran, CEO of XSellco. “Our developers have worked closely with Linnworks to make this a reality and it’s exciting to build partnerships and integrations with key players in the eCommerce space”.

Linnworks Business Development Manager Artem Verovenko added “I am really excited about the release of the XSellCo integration, sellers who use both Linnworks and XSellCo Fusion packages are going to be able to offer an amazing service to their customers without the need to invest heavily in labour and resources”.

The XSellco Fusion integration is also available to Linnworks customers in the Linnworks application store, allowing them to manage Fusion from the Linnworks dashboard.

For customers looking to integrate Linnworks with their XSellco account, there is a guide available on How To Integrate Linnworks with XSellco.

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