Mirakl adds ‘Click & Collect’ for Retailer’s Marketplaces

By Chris Dawson April 28, 2016 - 10:46 pm

Mirakl smMirakl have announced the release their latest feature – ‘Click & Collect’ functionality.

Click & Collect is now available to all third-party sellers operating on marketplaces run by brick and mortar retailers using the Mirakl Marketplace solution. In addition to the home delivery option, shoppers can now collect and pay for the product they have ordered in one of the operator’s stores.

This new feature automates the management of all stages and exchanges between the third-party seller and the retailer relating to a request for delivery in store, while giving the end customer visibility throughout the process. The retailer can also offer shoppers the option to pay for their order when they come to collect their purchases in store.

Having launched their marketplace, chain stores find that the ‘Click & Collect’ feature creates the possibility of increasing in-store traffic. By making their outlets available to third-party sellers, operators are becoming part of customers’ buying journey. Increased in-store traffic is an opportunity for chain stores to enhance their offering and generate additional sales, thus increasing revenue and customer loyalty.

With almost 3 in 4 UK online shoppers saying that they have used click-and-collect / reserve & collect services, it makes an awful lot of sense for retailers to enable their third party marketplace sellers to do the same.

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