Have you lost an old eBay account?

By Dan Wilson April 6, 2016 - 11:50 pm

It’s something that anyone who has been lurking around online will understand. You might have old accounts and registrations but you just can’t recall the details.

eBay is seeking to tackle that with a new Reclaimed Email feature. If you have previously registered an email address but lost access, this could be a useful function.

As they say in a recent blog post: “As it turns out, nearly 20 percent of people who try to register for accounts on eBay get blocked from doing so simply because they previously supplied a particular email address. This can cause some customers to give up on gaining access altogether.”

They subsequently go on to explain the precise steps you need to undertake in reclaiming your old ID, click the link above to find out how.

  • dan
    1 year ago

    recently seen on fb, people offering to buy accounts, the most feedback the more you get – anywhere from £100 to £2500!

    i saw plenty fall for it in the comments, and i pointed out it will probably be a scam to buy items and claim INR or something, shocking, wonder if ebay are aware.

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