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By Chris Dawson April 14, 2016 - 9:55 pm

Linnworks dot neteBay recently announced the ability to search by Product Identifiers such as an EAN or UPC. I’ve been chatting to Fedor over at Linnworks and he’s figured out some useful benefits of the new search method for sellers.

Sellers can now find competitor listings with relative accuracy and ease. In addition, this is a step forward towards having more coherent product catalogue on eBay. It will take a little time for buyers to catch on to the idea of finding a product on eBay, taking its EAN number and sticking it in search to bring all the same products, as well as choosing the cheapest or most trustworthy seller, but no doubt it will be a way to shop on eBay very soon.

Fedor told me that to take advantage of this new cool feature on eBay, TwoLegsBad, one of the developers of applications for, has created an app which provides an interesting insight for sellers. At a click of a button, sellers can find all competitive listings, see who the sellers are, how many they are selling, compare prices and see their Best Match Rank, i.e. where on the search results their listing appears.

The app is free to use for up to 20 scans per day for Linnworks customers. Plus, as it can be used with Express account it is effectively a freebie for everyone.

  • Steve
    2 years ago

    How can this be good for sellers an easy way to undercut your competitors and for your competitors to undercut you?

    The result will be a price war and a race to reduce profit margin to nothing or drop the lines all together.

    Most buyers don’t seem to car about the sellers account standing if looking at the state of the big eBay sellers accounts and buy on price only and having an easy way to find the best price will only drive sellers and eBay’s profits down

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Steve.

      The purpose of the app is to display all competitive listings, so that you can see who your competitors are and how many they are selling and for how much. For example, if you seen than your listing sold 1 item and your competitor managed to sell 5000, see what your competitor is doing different to you, because he is doing something very right. Of course pricing element is also there, but its not the most important element on eBay.

      Besides in my opinion lowest prices are overestimated. When I buy on eBay I care more about the seller and the description of the product. This give me assurance of quality. In fact having lowest price for a mid range product is not always good, it diminishes the expectation of quality for the product. Imagine you start looking for a tennis racket on eBay and find one for 15 quid, one for 45 and on for 49. Which one would you buy, knowing that the value of this racket is around £50 in a shop.

    • John S
      2 years ago

      I’d buy the sellers entire stock of 15 quid rackets and punt them out to a sports shop at £30 each (keeping one for myself)

  • elvis
    2 years ago

    I can just put the barcode in to ebay search and get the same info, prices, best mmtch rank seller info etc

    • Steve
      2 years ago

      Yep and so can all the buyers then pick the cheapest one its a race to the bottom for anyone selling popular branded items.

      The EAN requirements are another anti small seller change the big box shifters who can sell at cost and rely on manufacturer sales target rebates to make a profit will just kill off all the small sellers.

  • barry
    2 years ago

    If i have entered my own bought EAN and a competitor has put in their bought EAN its not gonna really work is it and you will have the same item with quite a few different EANs.

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