eBay Expert Advice Growth Webinar 21/4/16

By Chris Dawson April 13, 2016 - 10:44 am

eBay Growth Webinar hmeBay are launching a series of webinars aiming to help professional sellers grow their businesses with eBay, with expert advice on a new topic every month.

This month’s webinar will be held at 10am on Thursday 21st April and the topic builds on last month’s Listing Optimisation: Essentials, which is available for replay if you want to watch it before attending this month’s event.

Listing Optimisation: Advanced

  • More on Item Specifics
  • Pros and cons of different listing formats
  • Multi-variation listings
  • Vehicle parts fitment
  • Overview of eBay listing tools (pros and cons of each)

You’ll need to register in advance for the webinar.

  • TInker
    12 months ago

    were waiting for the webinar on buyer fraud and deception,
    someone needs to tell ebay you cant build a business without security and support

    • JD
      12 months ago

      And that you cannot build a business if you are repeatedly forced to dismantle and re-assemble everything that you have already built.

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