Australia vs United Kingdom: Shipping Options.

By Chris Dawson April 11, 2016 - 6:51 am

Temando_Report___AU_vs_UK_infographic medTemando have done some interesting research and produced an infographic comparing Australian retailers with UK retailers. It makes for interesting browsing.

In short it looks like UK retailers offer a great variety of shipping options (especially express options), can despatch faster (especially small and micro retailers), offer more returns options and offer better tracking and inflight redirection choices. Unsurprisingly UK retailers are also more likely to have automation in place to facilitate their service.

So what you ask? Who cares what Aussies do? The answer is that it suggests although the Australia is the other side of the world, Australian retailers aren’t offering the same level of service that UK retailers offer so it’s a good bet that for international sales from the UK they’ll be less worried about being able to specify an evening delivery or insist on picking up from a collection point.

Australia is about the most British overseas country in the world and speak the same language. If you’re not already selling to Australia it should be one of the first countries on your hit list of territories to target.

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