Amazon’s all new top of the range Kindle Oasis (for people with too much money)

By Chris Dawson April 14, 2016 - 11:03 pm

You can get a basic Amazon Kindle for as little as sixty quid, there are other models for £109.99 and £169.99. Now, for those with money to burn, Amazon have announced the release of the Kindle Oasis retailing at a massive £269.99.

There are a ton of benefits of the new Kindle, the battery lasts for months, there’s a back up battery in the cover, it’s a lovely ergonomic design, it’s slightly smaller than other models but still with a 6″ screen, and it’s more expensive.

Cost is always a good thing when it comes to having a top of the range model. The £169.99 Kindle looked pricey compared to sixty or a hundred and ten quid. Now the hundred and seventy quid Kindle Voyage looks cheap compared with the two hundred and seventy quid Kindle Oasis.

Amazon’s press release is effusive about the all-New Design, thinnest and lightest Kindle ever. 30% thinner on average and over 20% lighter than any other Kindle, the Oasis has a featherweight polymer frame that is plated with metal by structural electroplating. This, according to Amazon, makes the Kindle Oasis incredibly light while ensuring it has the strength and rigidity of metal so it is resilient enough to take anywhere you want to read.

What it comes down to is how much do you want a fashion accessory and how much do you want an e-reader that’ll fit in your handbag or coat pocket.

All the Kindle family have essentially the same features. It’s just if you spend an extra hundred quid you’ll look that little bit cooler on the underground or sitting on the beach in San Tropez. Heavens forbid you pull out your Kindle Paperwhite or Voyage just for the person next to you to pull out their Kindle Oasis, even if you are reading the same book.

The new Kindle Oasis is available for pre-order costing £269.99 in the UK (just $289.99 in the US) and is due for release on the 27th April. You can order now on Amazon and the Kindle Oasis will also be available from John Lewis, Dixons Travel, Argos and Currys PC World.

  • Mark
    4 years ago

    No, thanks.

  • Robzon
    4 years ago

    Does the same thing a much cheaper Paperwhite does, sameish screen and lighting, but with more window dressing for 3 times the price.

    Erm no thanks.

  • elvis
    4 years ago

    Does it have more memory or a faster processor?

  • Tinker
    4 years ago

    Why not just buy a book at the charity shop for a quid or so

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