Amazon now sell ‘Amazon Protect’ warranties

By Chris Dawson April 21, 2016 - 3:49 pm

Amazon ProtectAmazon have figured out a new way to extract more cash from their customers, they’ve started flogging product warranties under the brand Amazon Protect.

Many will remember high street electrical stores who used to zealously sell warranties, showroom sales staff were often incentivised financially with targets to shift as many warranty products as possible and the industry got a bit of a dirty name. Thankfully high street retailers removed all warranty sales targets and incentives but realistically many consumers still choose to purchase warranties and now Amazon have also made them available.

Typical costs for an Amazon Protect 5 Years Breakdown & Accidental Damage TV warranty are £33.25 for a £150 TV, £46.50 for a £200 TV, £76.00 for a £400 TV and £186.50 for a £1,400 TV. Warranties from Amazon Protect are only available for new products sold on Amazon UK. If a warranty is available you’ll see a pop-up when you add the product to your shopping basket.

Amazon Protect pop up

Amazon Protect warranties are available for products such as washing machines, mobile phones, tablets, television sets, kitchen appliances etc and cover mechanical and electrical Breakdown including accidental damage. You choose between a replacement or an Amazon Gift Card to the same value if your product cannot be repaired.

Cover for Amazon Protect is in partnership with London General Insurance Company, part of The Warranty Group.

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