Amazon looks at buying an airport in Germany

By Dan Wilson April 17, 2016 - 11:18 pm

Amazon PlaneAmazon is reportedly looking at buying an airport in Germany. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is making a loss and has apparently received several offers but it’s not know whether Amazon has bid for the facility.

We recently reported that Amazon has already signed leases on a fleet of 20 or so Boeing 767 in the US to support the Amazon Logistics operation. So perhaps a an airport is the next thing they need if their plan is to challenge the big courier and transportation firms by operating an air fleet tailored to Amazon’s needs.

And such an operation would provide Amazon with a European logistics and fulfilment hub that could support their retail, FBA and Logistics operations.

We don’t know whether they will actually buy the airport but it doesn’t seem outlandish and does speak to the fact that Amazon are willing to push boundaries and do things that other firms seem reluctant to embrace.

  • james
    2 years ago

    i both love and fear amazon and their methods.

    bezos reminds me of the old railway barons.
    get rich running the trains, buy the railway.
    get rich runnin the railway, buy the coal mine.
    buy the steelworks too.
    buy the stations, the hotels around the stations, the pubs that serve the stations, the brewery that serves the pubs….
    own the entire supply chain, profit from every link, while keeping the best supply chain and best margins from start to finish.

    the modern opinion is that’s just too much work, leave it to the pros and concentrate on what you do best, meanwhile getting gouged on price and availability at every link in the supply chain.

    when amazon do finally own the whole supply chain, they’ll turn the screw and suddenly profit a lote more from every link. we as a planet will have some tough choices to make when it comes down to that.

    if it were my call this is how i’d (try, and probably fail) to do it.
    since its not my company, i fear the inevitable consequences of worldwide domination. they’re not in it for the love of logistics.

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