100 free eBay listings for selected sellers

By Chris Dawson April 3, 2016 - 12:41 pm

eBay zero feeseBay are offering 100 free listings to sellers who have been invited to participate in the promotion which runs until the 30th April.

Only longer duration listings are including in the free listings, if you use 1 or 3 day listings then you’ll still be charged fees. The promotion runs for the whole (1st – 30th) of April.

This is a promotion for casual sellers, if your account is a business account or if you’re a PowerSeller then you definitely won’t be eligible. If you are invited to participate check your email and eBay messages to find your invite.

Thanks to Tamebay reader Sam for the heads up on the promo, you can find full details on eBay.

  • Mac
    1 year ago

    ….that`s 100 free each and EVERY day throughout April – usage resets at midnight each day for next 24 hours.

  • Sam O'levski
    1 year ago

    I’d love to know the rationale behind these promos – 3 months of totally free and unlimited, followed by this one.
    Is it just a variation to see what happens, or have ebay actually realised that many sellers were listing hundreds of items for short periods to gain from the sales resulting from ‘newly listed’ and ‘ending soonest’ searches ?
    My unsold items were listed several times every month before a 30 day period at the end of each month in case the promo wasn’t repeated, so masses of listings starting at the end of a month for ebay servers to cope with.

    • john
      1 year ago

      stock / listing/revenue manipulation.

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