Veeqo adds own courier to multichannel management with ParcelBright acquisition

By Chris Dawson March 8, 2016 - 1:06 pm

VeeqoVeeqo have acquired the London based shipping startup ParcelBright. Their mission is to make parcel delivery easy and will help Veeqo achieve their goal of making selling easier for online sellers.

ParcelBright have built proprietary technology to manage the API’s of multiple shipping companies in one app and the capability to handle advanced billing and invoicing as well. For Veeqo and it’s ecommerce customer base, it means quicker and cheaper shipping as well a expansion of shipping options on offer.

ParcelBrightParcelBright ceased accepting courier bookings from the public at the end of January and now ParcelBright’s service and software will be merged into Veeqo, with a focus on further improving their online sellers productivity.

The co-founders Daniel Lipinski and Carlos Vilhena will continue to act as expert advisors for Veeqo, both commercially and technically to further build on Veeqo’s market lead.

Matt Warren, CEO of Veeqo said “I am really excited that we have been able to complete this deal, Daniel and Carlos have built a fantastic company which when merged with Veeqo will enable our customer to not only save time but also save money when shipping their orders. Together it will be the largest parcel delivery platform in the U.K. based on its user base and service offering”.

This is an unexpected development and a first as far as we’re aware for a UK multichannel management company. We’ve seen marketplaces set up private courier companies – Amazon with their Amazon Logistics deliveries and eBay with their Click & Collect at Argos in conjunction with Shutl. There are also plenty of parcel consolidators available, but none are owned and integrated with a single multichannel management provider.

Will integrated parcel booking make Veeqo a more attractive proposition for retailers, or do retailers prefer to forge their own courier relationships? Would you want the convenience of discounted shipping rates with multiple couriers on tap or do you prefer to stick with a contract with probably just one courier plus Royal Mail?

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