The Zenstores guide to Couriers infographic

By Chris Dawson March 20, 2016 - 7:30 pm

Zenstores have created an infographic showing the main courier options available to sellers. It details Royal Mail, Yodel, myHermes, UPS, Parcelforce, DHL and DPD’s services, insurances brackets and shipping restrictions.

If you’re looking for a new courier checking which service best meets your requirements is a good place to start, before you begin negotiating on cost.


  • 1 year ago

    Bit of bad copy and paste there. Yodel does not have a max size of 17cm or they wouldn’t be shipping many parcels. The section they copied it from reads:

    25kg maximum parcel weight
    120 cm maximum parcel length
    0.17m3 maximum volume

    • Hi Fergus,

      Good spot there and sorry for the mistake. As you say, the 0.17m should be 0.17 cubic metres. We’re working up an amended version right now.



    • Kyle
      1 year ago

      Dan, the “restrictions” are wrong too.

      First up, whoever made the graphics seems to have confused “restrictions” with “prohibitions”. For example most couriers will ship liquids but have restrictions on the maximum quantity (e.g. it’s something like 100ml for Royal Mail and a litre for Hermes?).

      Secondly, it’s kind of pointless listing them since every courier is 99.9% the same as the rules are set by the ICAO/UN. The main exceptions are couriers which are ground only (e.g. APC) or have dangerous goods licenses (e.g. DHL – yes this does mean that DHL’s graphic is more wrong than the others).

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for that extra detail, we’re currently working on a much more in-depth guide covering all of the nitty-gritty of the different services, prohibitions and restrictions, so we’ll make sure we’ve covered off those points there.

      Perhaps you’d like to have some direct input into how we can make that piece of work as useful as possible? If so please get in touch via and I’d love to pick your brains!



    • Kyle
      1 year ago

      Dan, I just don’t think it’s even worth putting on an infographic. All the couriers are pretty much the same but with some minor tweaks to things like safe but hard to clean up liquid (paints, dyes) they’re willing to handle.

      Anyone who wants to ship actual dangerous goods (aerosols, batteries, flammables, etc) shouldn’t be getting their info from an infographic. You need to get the MSDS for your items, lookup the UN numbers, buy the right UN packaging, and then go on training if the courier requires it. People who don’t take these things seriously are the reason that UPS plane caught fire in Dubai.

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